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Flower Pressing Secrets

Flower Pressing Secrets


Pressed Flowers and their Uses




Some ideas for using pressed flowers

Pressed flowers are used very effectively to decorate all kinds of articles from cards and framed pictures to lampshades or photo albums. 

You'll soon see that there are all sorts of ways to use pressed flowers.

They're perfect for decorating greeting cards, wedding invitations, thank you notes, book-marks and all types of stationery.

They can also be used to decorate a variety of articles about the home, school and office.

Photo albums, telephone directories and picture frames can be personalized with a spray of pressed flowers in one corner. 

Even school bags, candles and lampshades lend themselves to being decorated with pressed flowers.

There is always a ready market for beautiful and original flower cards made by hand. 

The great thing about them is that they attract a lot of attention. For this reason they can be incorporated into advertising material with great effect.  

Promotional Gifts

You will notice that anyone who receives a pressed flower card will think twice before throwing it away a powerful reason why pressed flower articles can make such effective promotional gifts for companies. 

They can be distributed by companies as calendars, birthday cards or as reminders for forthcoming events.

Pressed flower cards are easy to make and in my course I show you how to make a lot in one go! 

So even though your cards are hand made I can show you how to produce them quickly and easily!



You can Press Flowers too!

You only need the know-how.  And you can get it right here in my book of flower pressing secrets.

''The Secrets of Flower Pressing'' is a detailed and illustrated course that will help you to master the art of flower pressing - perfectly! 

Not only will you learn how to press flowers step by step - you will also find out how to make lovely greeting cards, pictures and more - all with that polished, professional look. 

In this course are all my secrets. I will show you exactly which flowers to use and how to press them; how to preserve the color; how to create easy designs that you will love and so much more. 

I have revealed everything in the course - you will have access to all my ideas and tips - and as the course is available online it's just a click away.

So you don't even have to wait - you can get immediate access to all this information now. 

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Please note:  This is a digital course.  It is not available in hard cover.






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